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400Net Messaging


400Net Messaging

Across all international companies, people need reliable and immediate access to mail and messages from any location.

KPN International’s 400Net Messaging service delivers exactly that. 400Net Messaging interconnects multiple messaging environments across our international network, allowing messages to be sent, forwarded and received by one or many users. When messages are not viewed immediately, they are safely stored until the next convenient moment.


About 400Net Messaging

With complete transparency, users communicate through the fully protected 400Net network, gaining maximum security and reliability. Connectivity is assured for all public and private X.400 systems and services, with Internet messaging too.

400Net Messaging snapshot


  • 99.9% availability
  • Error-free message transfer


  • Delivery confirmation on request

Rigorously controlled and supported:

  • Monitored by KPN International Internet Management Centre
  • 24/7 helpdesk

400Net Messaging Key facts

IP Mail:
Allows international businesses to outsource mail services cost-effectively and securely – full interoperability with Exchange and other mail systems.
IP Messaging:
Instant messaging for secure business chat between colleagues and partners.

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