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Backup services


Backup Services

International businesses today cannot miss a beat across their networks. This applies to communications between individuals on site, to those working from mobile devices, and to the continual flow of data.

The data itself must be similarly failsafe, with centralized storage protected and accessible at all times.


Product information

KPN International Backup Services ensure that connectivity is constant between all business locations and users, and that data is likewise protected. Connectivity can be established using any Internet enabled device or browser.

Our services operate across all business networks, including Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), Cable, Private Leased Circuit (PLC), Satellite (VSAT), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS).

KPN International Backup Services cover:

  • Wireless WAN - allowing remote sites to connect to your WAN via a mobile data network
  • VSAT Connect – delivering consistency in regions where terrestrial connectivity is unreliable
  • Offnet DSL  - global coverage via KPN and certified partners
  • Backup & Offloading – providing managed redundancy additional capacity as needed

Key facts

No security compromise on backup services – encrypted tunneling is the norm.
Cost-efficient connections between remote LANs and the business WAN.
Backup services stay tuned to changing business profiles.

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