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Central and Global Backup


Central and Global Backup

KPN International provides full Backup services for your application servers. Our Central service backs-up directly to KPN International data centers, for resources within our direct geographical perimeter.

Our Global service backs-up to managed third party resources, and mirrors these to KPN International data centers. The advantage to customers lies in the exceptional speed of restore gained in any location.


Product information

Smart processing eliminates duplication of data traffic, and this in turn minimizes the network load – again reducing cost and increasing performance.

Our central and global backup services ensure full continuity of business systems under management.

Service snapshot 


  • Worldwide
  • 99% (SLA-backed)

Class of Service

  • Support from business hours to 24/7

Cost and billing

  • Billed monthly, according to:
  • Capacity usage
  • Backup agent usage
  • Service options (business continuity, VPN)
  • SLA-type

Key facts

Scalable & versatile:
Fit for organizations of any size – agile and scalable backup
No capital investment:
Run from operational expenditure, you gain clear visibility of cost for optimization and planning purposes.
Full capability:
The Global Backup Service draws on our extensive communications and IT capability.

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