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The Dutch Touch Worldwide

Why choose us?

But what are the characteristics that add value to you business relationship with KPN International?
We summarize those characteristics as The Dutch Touch Worldwide

The Dutch Touch Worldwide expresses a personal and typically Dutch approach with four unique core values: reliability, flexibility, creativity and empathy.

Our customer-focused team members know and understand your markets, empathize with your challenges, and deliver the results you want.
Our global network spans five continents, offering a state-of-the-art infrastructure for flexible solutions that fulfill all communication requirements.
We have the creativity to compose the perfect solution for your business. Your challenges are opportunities to improve our performance.
The addition Worldwide expresses the continuous expansion of our networks and partnership agreements. We support our customers by simplifying the management of international contracts by offering connectivity whenever this is required.
We ensure flawless product performance from high-capacity networks, delivering the exceptional reliability that is essential for your business.