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I am a customer...

When we began to talk to KPN International about providing us with IP Telephony services, we were unsure about our volume requirement. Rather than telling us to tick the box for the service we needed, they worked with us as we grew into the service. I felt like a customer not a number.

KPN International Customer


Similarities and differences

All businesses need communications networks which accurately mirror their own changing data flows and their own transactions with customers. Our clients need us to connect site to site and function to function: the network infrastructure must enable multiple departments including sales, marketing, production, logistics and distribution to work together as a single business machine. And they want us to do so in a way which minimizes cost and maximizes reliability.

We need to understand difference. Financial institutions, for example, tend to be concentrated in urban environments - well-served by infrastructure but with especially stringent security and compliance requirements. Manufacturing companies, on the other hand, seek to locate production in developing markets where communications may be more of a challenge.

Scalability and fitness-for-purpose

In these challenging times, the way we use communications in business is undergoing a real change. At a consumer level, bandwidth requirements are exploding with internet access and video messaging. The same patterns become apparent in corporate use. Video conferencing, for example, is directly addressing both restricted travel budgets and the need for reduced carbon footprints.

But you need to scale too – increasing capacity immediately to meet opportunity as it occurs and cutting back as soon as the moment has passed. Our clients need this degree of flexibility in both service delivery and cost.