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International Private Line


International Private Line

Our International Private Line (IPL) service fully exploits the extensive KPN International fiber network to offer clients constant capacity between two fixed locations. The service offers virtually unlimited network capacity without the need to invest in infrastructure.


International Private Line snapshot

International Private Line, also called IPL, is used to connect company sites worldwide, delivering a highly scalable, dedicated channel for all IP, data and video traffic. 

The service is an ideal choice for organizations that require high-performance, point-to-point connectivity with the business security of dedicated capacity.


- Extensive pan-European network
- Full transatlantic capacity
- Global connectivity

Service Level Guarantees

On footprint:
- PoP-to-PoP (99.99%)
- End-to-End Protected Leased Line (99.90%)
- End-to-End Standard Leased Line (99.80%)

Outside footprint:
- End-to-End Protected Leased Line (99.80%)
- End-to-End Standard Leased Line (99.40%)

Network management

- Pro-active 24/7
- Customer care 24/7

Cost and billing

- One contact – One contract


International Private Line Key facts

Access speeds
2048 Kbit/s – 622 Mbit/s
Over 50 PoPs in 21 European countries & the U.S. Plus global connectivity through sea cables and partnerships.
Constant service
Dedicated bandwidth
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