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International SIP Trunking


International SIP Trunking

Our International SIP Trunking service offers an immediate alternative to expensive and inflexible ISDN infrastructures. Adopting a single IP network for voice and data services is the only sensible way forward. But not every organization can make an immediate and total transition, and for that reason we also offer SIP-ISDN gateways..


About International SIP Trunking Services

Our SIP Trunking offer enables you to connect an IP PBX directly to the KPN International data network or public voice network using a single IP connection. This allows you to decommission current ISDN30 infrastructures, reducing cost and increasing business agility.

The KPN International solution supports all leading PBX platforms and can be implemented immediately in over 13 countries across Europe. SIP Trunking makes it possible to scale up or down almost instantly - clicking for licenses rather than waiting for lines.

Our commercial models are attractive too. Not only will the transition to IP drive out significant proportions of traditional network costs, but transparency increases too: we can tune our business reporting systems to your individual requirement to ensure a clear and timely view of cost and usage and allocate to cost centers you can provide.

Our International SIP Trunking solution can easily be combined with our International Managed IP Telephony service, offering you the advantages of an integrated service with a single Service Level Agreement, contract, invoice and point of contact. 


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Connect your PBX to our SIP Trunking service and testdrive our solution for two months. Our free trial includes the SIP Connection, licenses and DDI costs.

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International SIP Trunking Key facts

Decommision costly ISDN networks and adapt attractive VoIP call rates
All leading PBX platforms are supported. Available in 13 countries across Europe
Actionable reporting and cost transparency, including online cost allocation
Keep your existing phone numbers. Easy to combine with International Managed IP Telephony
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