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IP Transit


IP Transit

Internet Service Providers (ISP), Mobile Operators, Telcos , VOIP operators and content network providers (CDN) all have high and rapidly growing bandwidth demands.

In response, we have created IP Transit Services to provide high-performance, cost-effective connectivity to the global Internet routing table for both IPv4 and IPv6. KPN's Autonomous System AS286 is one of the world’s top IPv4 and IPv6 backbones. 


About IP Transit

  • Our Tier 1 network is global – with extensive peering relationships
  • MPLS-based traffic management maintains the highest standard of connectivity for our customers
  • Excellent end-user experience

Service features

  • Available ports:  Fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, (multiple) 10-gigabit Ethernet, 100G Ethernet
  • IPV4/IPV6 dual stack
  • Bandwidth on demand: Scalable bandwidth guarantee and burstable port support
  • Remote peering to the major internet exchanges
  • Flat-rate or usage-based pricing schemes
  • Fast delivery lead times
  • 24×7 proactive monitoring and help desk
  • KPN Care tool with online access to network performance and customer service statistics

Network features

  • High-quality, global backbone with over 50 PoPs across Europe and the U.S.
  • More than 80% of IP backbone realized on KPN-owned and managed DWDM infrastructure
Network map 

  • Extensive peering: AS286 has direct peering with all global Tier 1 carriers
  • Multiple 10Gs of peering capacity to each individual carrier, on geographically dispersed POPs
  • Resilient, fully redundant fiber/DWDM topology. All core nodes have multiple-10G backbone links
  • Remote Peering