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Managed Videoconferencing


Managed Videoconferencing

KPN International offers fully managed videoconferencing, enabling you to gain maximum business benefit from one-to-one and multi-party conferencing. It is an end-to-end service with fully integrated network optimization. We take care of the technology, the implementation and management, ensuring the quality of every conference. The service requires no capital investment, it drives out cost and reduces environmental impact.


Managed Videoconferencing snapshot


- Worldwide: 22 European countries + Americas + Asia
- Fully-managed 24/7 via Network Operating Center (NOC)

Key Benefits

- Increased collaboration and productivity 
- Accelerated decision-making and improved work/life balance
- VPN for use across extended business eco-system (partners)
- Financial/environmental savings on travel and site costs
- Cost-effective with clear monthly billing

Quality of Service and Support 

- All calls are quality managed and optimized
- Total care with 24/7 assisted support 
- Simple "portal booking" for ease-of-use
- Highly flexible - easy to add users and locations


Managed Videoconferencing Key facts

fully managed, end-to-end
better work-life balance, reduced cost

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