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KPN International MPLS VPN delivers exceptional service across national and international sites.

It is cost-effective and reliable, with distinct classes of service for real-time voice and video, business-critical and “best-effort” traffic. Highly flexible, our MPLS VPN enables IP services over simple any-to-any connections.



Security is guaranteed. KPN’s private network uses MPLS technology to isolate the communication traffic of each customer. Our backbone is resilient and our core MPLS network re-routes on the fly.

All IP network devices are connected over at least two paths and are equipped with power and processing redundancy.

MPLS VPN Snapshot


Coverage and installed base

  • 22 European countries (core network) + USA + Hong Kong
  • Worldwide reach through strategic partners
  • Installed base: 55,000 MPLS ports

Next Generation VPN Service types

  • 5 Classes of Service
  • Access: xDSL, Ethernet, SDH and shared access
  • Port-speeds from < 2Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s

Support and extended managed service options

  • WoW (WAN Optimisation Works)
  • Full Backup and redundancy
  • Pro-active service monitoring and management

MPLS VPN Key facts

Single backbone offering hybrid Ethernet and MPLS connectivity with single access
Port speed connectivity from < 2Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s
Managed end-to-end with pro-actively monitored Customer Premises Devices
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