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Network Atlas

Everything you insist on is in place. For the basics, you can tick all the boxes: performance, presence and price. But what are the characteristics which add value to your business relationship with KPN International?

KPN International links its own land and sea-cables with key partner networks to provide value and performance across 180 countries worldwide.
KPN International spans the USA with six points-of-presence and 12,000 km of its own local MPLS network. Our USA PoPs hook up directly to our Sprint partnership connections.
Network worldwide
Altogether KPN International owns around 120,000 km of land and sea network worldwide.
Service range
KPN International offers a complete range of network services to all world markets: IP-VPN, E-Line, E-LAN, Corporate Internet, Managed Videoconferencing, International Private Line, Wavelength, IP Transit, Dark Fiber & more.
Engagement and responsiveness
KPN International acts as a single-point-of-contact for all worldwide engagements with its customers. This ensures flexibility and responsiveness to changing business needs.
Effective partnerships
Through partnerships with Telefonica (Latin America), SingTel (Asia) and Sprint (USA), KPN International offers unified global service.