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Secure Remote Access


Secure Remote Access

Today’s information workers increasingly demand secure anytime/any- where access to company resources. With its Secure Remote Access service, KPN International delivers exactly that from any Internet connection worldwide.


About Secure Remote Access

We use SSL VPN technology to provide users with secure connections from any active browser. Typically we can implement the solution in less than two weeks, with a minimum of up-front investment.

We offer iPass for SRA to help you reduce international 3G roaming costs and to eliminate Wi-Fi access charges in airports and hotels. 

Secure Remote Access snapshot 

Access and security

- Individual access from any location/device
- Secure collaboration/conferencing options
- iPass from over 140,000 commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in 92
 countries worldwide
- Toll-free dial-up in 166 countries at a fixed monthly fee
- Access devices left ‘clean’ on exit


- KPN International ensures technology is up-to-date
- Fully-managed service with ongoing TCO reduction
- Fully scalable – quickly add and remove users

Contract options

- Named users and/or maximum concurrent users
- Significant discount on user volumes
- Significant discount on contract duration (1-5 years)


Secure Remote Access Key facts

Target users
home-workers, mobile employees, extranet users
any internet connection, any device, any time

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