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Service Management


Service Management

KPN International always puts effective service management at the core of customer relationships. With Service Management Plus, we offer extended capabilities for reporting, responsiveness and increased business intelligence.

Service Management Plus monitors and analyses all operational processes between KPN International and its customers.


This gives demanding international customers pin-point response for all business-related questions, including: invoicing, SLA reporting, planned changes.

Rigorous adherence to our Daily Agreed Procedure standards explains how we work, and presents clear and well maintained contact lists for both organizations.

Service snapshot

Optimizing management of:

  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Escalation
  • Change
  • Contract

 Customer satisfaction improvement through:

  • Update information
  • Effective guides and procedures
  • Single point of contact

Key facts

Regular intelligence:
Service managers present network performance in a Monthly Evaluation Report.
Understanding opportunnities:
Key to customer relationships – information flows on new offers and requirements.
Ease of engagement:
Allocated service manager acts as your single point of contact for all operational issues.

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