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Smart reporting


Smart Reporting

The quality of reporting is critical to the quality of service. KPN International’s Smart Reporting services deliver timely and cogent reporting on all aspects of network and application performance.

Highly granular, they allow you to zoom in to an individual component, or zoom out to the whole network.


Product information

You can gain instant intelligence on unplanned incidents, on the one hand, and build the big picture for planning and analysis, on the other.

Clarity is critical, and KPN International delivers all reporting through a unified Performance Center. This intelligence is key to minimizing WAN costs.

Service snapshot

Reporting scope

  • Basic Reporting: SNMP-based performance metrics for NW infrastructure and device management.
  • Network Analysis Reporting: shows impact of applications and host traffic on NW performance.
  • Advanced Application Reporting:  tracks and measures application response times.


  • Supported over all MPLS based networks

Agility and clarity

  • Reporting configurable by site and function
  • Single point of intelligence with reporting through the Performance Center

Key facts

Insight into actual network usage
Full insight of applications and hosts running over the network
Intuitive, web-based network performance management console

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