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Continuing globalization demands increasing agility as companies communicate with colleagues, clients and partners across the world. KPN International provides highly configurable IP and data communications solutions for international business.

Relationships come first


Customer intimacy at KPN International is not marketing-speak: it is built into all our relationships with corporate clients.

Understanding difference

One size definitely does not fit all. Communications requirements change from business to business and sector to sector. Corporate communications solutions from KPN International are crafted to the specific needs of our individual business customers.

Making life easier

Our customers want us to make life easier. That’s why we provide an end-to-end service and why we act as a single point of accountability. You will be served by an account team who understand your business, and who will help match your changing requirements to the right communications services throughout our engagement.

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In an increasingly competitive telecommunications market, KPN International delivers reliability, performance and value to a wide range of carriers, Internet Service Providers and content providers. Rapid scalability and unequivocal cost-effectiveness are the hallmarks of our service.

Above all – cost-effective

Competitive price

Our wholesale customers achieve their own success on wafer thin margins. KPN International understands that it must always be able to compete on price, just to stay in the race.

Volume, reach and reliability

Our wholesale clients make straightforward demands. Apart from getting the price right, they expect us to be able to deliver the bandwidth where and when it’s needed, and to ensure unwavering reliability. Your reputation rests on our quality of service.

Agile and responsive

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients. We need to distinguish ourselves through agility and flexibility – through our ability to help. Our wholesale clients include carriers, ISPs, resellers and ICT integrators – and with each and every one, we seek to develop an exceptionally agile and responsive relationship. This demands innovative business and technology thinking.

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