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WAN Optimization Works (WOW)


WAN Optimization Works (WOW)

Optimum network performance and accurate reporting on the applications that utilize the WAN are both important for organizations that rely on international networks. KPN International WAN Optimization Works (WOW) provides for both of these functions.


Product information

WOW gives network managers valuable insight into actual network use. This intelligence can then be applied practically to define usage policies and to ensure that genuine business needs are met. Individual applications can be prioritized to ensure that network usage is precisely matched to business requirements.

Service snapshot 

Service levels

- From standard business day (10x5) to (24x7) as required
- Performance reporting on the applications running on the
- Class of service assigned per application
- Policy on application prioritization is set centrally

Process quality

- Information Security Management System
- ISO 27001 compliance
- Additional independent external auditing for ISO 17799

Reporting and billing

- Internet-based reporting with full incident-logging
- Monthly billing


Key facts

Insight into actual network use
Optimization of bandwidth usage & resources
For NGN, MPLS & 3rd party networks
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