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Web and mail security


Web and Mail Security

KPN International Web and Mail Security services dynamically classify and neutralize threat. For the web, individual page content is monitored in real-time - blocking inappropriate, unwanted or malicious content with a high degree of accuracy.

In parallel, our mail security services keep all incoming and outgoing mail under constant monitor, to ensure that junk and spam are blocked, and more importantly, to ensure that malicious or infected content never gets through.


Accurate and intelligent reporting ensures that web teams and mail administrators can accurately track trends, and design policy accordingly.

Service snapshot


  • Worldwide
  • 99.8 – 99.999% (SLA-backed)

Class of Service

  • Support from European business hours to 24/7 (fault and change management)

Cost and billing

  • Billed monthly, by:
  • User
  • Service type (local, cloud or hybrid)
  • SLA type

Key facts

Full scope:
Blended threat in mail becomes the norm (mail with embedded URL) – we block it.
Business is web-dependent – we make Web 2.0 safe territory.
Encompassing new trends in social networking for business use.

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