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From supplier to partner...

Initially we just wanted to buy good-value and reliable bandwidth outside our home market in Luxemburg. KPN International challenged us to go further. We have now entered into a partnership which will open up new commercial opportunities for both parties.

A KPN International customer


Clarity and transparency

As a customer of KPN International, you will enjoy a transparent and predictable business relationship with us. Our customers need to accurately forecast their requirements, costs and returns – and we are keen to help them. That means no hidden costs, no surprises, and no confusing conditions.

An important part of our value proposition is being able to act as a single point of accountability for complex international contracts. Here, the principles of openness and transparency become even more critical. If, for example, a carrier is buying connectivity through us into West Africa, we will fully disclose our local costs while shielding our client from the complexity of multiple local contracts.


People first

As a telecommunications provider, we are continually investing in our own capabilities. We are extending our wholly-owned European networks. We are strengthening our relationships with leading providers across the Americas and Asia Pacific. We are increasing our capabilities in converging telecommunications and IT service.

Underpinning all this is the stability and financial strength of KPN – an enterprise whose own attention to cost control it freely shares with its clients.

But even more important is our ‘people first’ attitude and approach. Some see the telecommunications wholesale market being driven as a no frills commodity. We don’t.

We believe that real value comes from the quality of personal relationships – from business and technical experts working together to increase profit and reduce risk.